A downloadable interactive experience for Windows

A game I made in my first semester in the course Computer Games Software Development at Glasgow Caledonian University.

The task was to build a first person shooter.

Though, thinking about it, maybe it is more an interactive experience than a game, using environmental storytelling to make a comment on the meaning of chistmas in modern society.

Na, I'm just bullshitting. It's about shooting presents, trying different weapons and finding santa.

I was asked how I implemented the weapon system, so I uploaded all the scripts used in the project for everyone who is interesed. Feel free to learn from them and to repurpose them for your own projects. If you do, I'd be glad if you put my name in your credits, but only if you want.

Install instructions

1. Download FindingSanta.zip. (Scripts.zip is not needed to play the game.)

2. Unzip the zip file and put everything inside it in one place.

3. Run the .exe file.


FindingSanta.zip 108 MB
Scripts.zip 38 kB


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This game is actually a lot of fun, how did you make the weapons? I'm trying to make a different game and I haven't been able to get a shooting system this good.

The weapon models are all from the Unity Asset Story.

I basically have a weapon system script, that has a reference to all the weapons that the player has collected and passes the input on to the active weapon. All the different weapons inherit from a common base class and overwrite a function for shooting and reloading.

You know what, I'll upload the scripts, so you can have a look.